//Talking to Teens About Texting While Driving

Talking to Teens About Texting While Driving

With each new generation of kids there are always new challenges to be faced. Despite the fact that the first text message was supposedly sent in 1992, it would not become a preferred method of communication until a decade later. Even in the early 2000s texting was still in its infancy, though its popularity began to rise quickly.


Unfortunately, by 2012 to 2013 the act of texting while driving became something of an issue. Thousands of young, teenage drivers experienced accidents caused by distracted driving…and more specifically, texting while driving. Many of these accidents involved fatalities, which soon facilitated the need for a new law to be passed. As of 2015, it has become illegal to text while driving in 44 states across the US. The dangers of texting while driving are very real and need to be explained to all teens that are currently able to drive or are close to obtaining their license. Here are a few tips to relay to your children when explaining why texting while driving is so unsafe.


1) Your reaction time worsens when your attention is divided.


When driving it is important to pay attention to the road, the other cars, and your own vehicle. If you are fixated upon one tiny screen you’re likely to miss such important things as stop signs, stop lights, other cars, or even worse, people. Taking your attention away from the road is not a side idea, as it takes only a fraction of a second for something to go wrong.


2) The ticket isn’t worth it.


There are only four states in the US that have no ban or penalty on texting while driving, but other states are not so lenient. The fines can be anywhere from $20 to $10,000 depending upon the state. Worse than this though, in some cases, is that paying the fine doesn’t necessarily take the offense off of your record. Eventually such offenses can pin the user as a high-risk liability, and their insurance will increase accordingly. In the long run its better to wait to send and receive messages.


3) The driver is responsible for their safety as well as the safety of their passengers.


The commercials that have aired in the past year depicting the horrendous crashes that result from texting while driving are all too real. It is irresponsible to text while driving alone, but it is outright criminal negligence when the same act is performed with others in the vehicle.


It is important to let all young drivers know and understand the danger that comes from texting while driving. The better informed teenagers are the less likely it is that they will perform such dangerous activities.

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