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Teaching Children Table Manners

It is one of those inevitable things when it comes to raising and living with your children — The slurping, the chewing with the mouth wide open, trying to make obnoxious noises or get a laugh or two from the rest of us sitting at the table. Table manners are an important factor to teach our children as they continue to get older. It is a form of respect that many people are aware of, and it helps your children to learn and understand the concept of being polite toward others. It can be a tricky thing to teach your youngsters, but with a few simple reminders to keep in the back of your head, it will be a piece of cake!


One of the most important things to remember when teaching your kids table manners, and for the majority of other lessons as well, is that children follow and imitate every single thing you do. It is the monkey see, monkey do concept. If you, your spouse, or one of your older children are sitting at the table chewing with your mouth open or talking with food in your mouth, for example, your little ones are likely to follow suit, thinking that this is okay behavior because they are seeing it from others. If you keep it in your mind that you need to keep good table manners during your meals, you will have an easier time getting your littles to get to that point as well.


Teaching proper manners and good etiquette to your children may seem like a daunting task at times, like they just will never grasp the concept. Always remember to stay calm, even when it’s not going the way you anticipated, and remember to keep your own manners in tip top shape as well. Kids love to imitate and act like those they look up to. By acting out those behaviors you want to instill in them every day, you will get closer and closer to your goals!

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