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Teaching Children to Respect Different Political Views

It it quite common these days to hear conversations all around you about politics and our government. It can be especially difficult when young children begin to hear it without having some sort of clear understanding. Sure, the schools will teach and talk about a few ideas or topics dealing with politics, but how much can you really tell a 5 year old child before it goes through one ear and out the other?


In these cases, sometimes it is easiest to talk to your children about it in the same way you talk about other differences. In order for a child to comprehend what you are saying, you need to talk to them in a way that they are familiar with. If you try to give your young child a lecture about the difference between republican versus democrat, and then try to explain other components, they will have no understanding. When I talk to my daughter about the difference in skin color of some of her other friends, it is in a way that is not demeaning, in a way that I can begin to work the idea into her mind that it is okay that not every will look or think like she does.


In all honesty, we don’t want our children to be raised to think that one side is not as great as the other, in any aspect of differences between people. Helping your child to slowly see that difference can be a good thing, and helping them to discover it on their own rather than cramming it into their heads is a much easier and better solution for those some times difficult discussions.

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