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Teaching kids good manners

Since my kids first starting talking, I’ve felt like a broken record. “Did you say please”…”did you say thank you?” It seems like I am saying this on a regular basis throughout the day.

How important is it for parents to instill these manners into children? What would happen if I never uttered these sentences? Would my children grow up to be rude and impolite? Or would society teach them saying please and thank you is proper?

I personally do not feel like leaving this up to society and taking the chance. I would prefer to repeat myself and work to instill these manners in my children at an early age. I believe people should say please and thank you when appropriate…as much as I believe that you should have the good manners of offering a friendly thank you wave when I let you go first at a stop sign.

Is it too much to ask that we raise children that show respect and are courteous?

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