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Teaching your child to respect other cultures

Considering today’s climate with the Paris terrorist attacks and all the other madness that’s going on around us at the moment, it seems like the perfect time to talk about how to be respectful — and how to teach our children to respect others, particularly other’s cultures and differences. The biggest challenge is that we are all so fearful at the moment — maybe if 9/11 hadn’t happened and we didn’t remember all the atrocities that occurred. But we do and its raw. And our kids are always watching us. And we need to be role models for them.

That’s actually how they learn to be respectful — by watching us not only be respectful of others but also respect ourselves. So what’s the answer? Even amidst all this fear and craziness, making more of an emphasis in our lives to be kind and loving of one another, including those that are different from us. And teaching our children that differences are fascinating and enriching and so super cool!

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