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Teaching Your Children About Compassion

We all want our kids to learn to be compassionate. Some younger children may have a harder time understanding this but there are a few ways to show them all about compassion. Our kids watch us all the time. You may not think they are watching but they are and they will do what we do. Actions speak louder than words. How true that is. Let them see you showing compassion towards others. Be the example. If you are in a public place and see the opportunity to help someone in need, do so. This is compassion. Your kids will remember that. Volunteering your time at a homeless shelter is a great way to show compassion. Take your children with you and let them volunteer too. This is a great hands on approach for them to learn what compassion is all about. Letting your children receive compassion is great too. They will experience how great a feeling it is when someone is compassionate to them. A really great time to show this is when your child is sick or hurt. And finally, explain compassion to your kids so they will know exactly what it is all about. Read books on compassion and talk about people who need compassion the most such as orphans, the poor, homeless, and elderly. If you are teaching your children about compassion, way to go! What a great trait for them to have.

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