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Teen pregnancy is not the end of the world

Teen pregnancy is not the end of the world. You may have thought about abortion at this point, but there are alternatives you should consider. You can survive after having a child and you are capable of caring for the child too. You have to be strong and surround yourself with people who are strong and willing to help you. Here are some important tips you should remember:


The first piece of advice would be to not give up no matter how bleak things seem when you first find out your pregnant, remember that your life will go on and it will get better.


Don’t hide the fact that you’re pregnant. Part of being strong will be standing up for yourself and your baby. You may have made a mistake but it is not one you are going to regret once your baby arrives. Be proud, not ashamed now and those around you will realize you have not done anything “wrong”.


Don’t quit school. Being pregnant does not mean you have to quit anything, well that is not anything that is beneficial to your future and health. You definitely need to continue your education.


If going to school just seems to be too over-whelming while you adjust to the idea that you are soon going to be a parent; there is the option of getting a GED. Whichever decision you make, it should be the decision that is in your best interest.


If the baby’s father is someone that is close to you and wants to be there for you through this pregnancy that is wonderful. You can never have too much support, but don’t feel you have to marry him. If you only see him as being there for you because of this baby and not part of your life, then marriage is not the answer at this point in your life. If you see him as the only one for you, not just now, but forever then starting your marriage and family early can be a great thing.


Don’t try keeping your pregnancy from your parents. They should be the first ones you talk to about this. You may be surprised at how much support they’ll provide you.

The biggest thing for you to remember is to not let being pregnant depress you. Babies can feel what their mother feels and you want to keep yourself and your baby healthy. Discuss with your doctor how you can eat right and listen to any other advice he has for you in making this pregnancy go as easy for you as it can.


You may be a teenager and you may be pregnant but you are not at the end of your life. You are beginning a new life and it’s up to you to make it the best it can be.

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