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Teens Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is something we all do. It’s especially popular with teens and young adults. Everywhere I go I see people on their phones typing away. While texting is convenient and a nice way to keep in touch it can consume much of our time and be distracting. I don’t have a teenager yet but if I did I would make it clear that texting while driving is never, under any circumstance, acceptable. Why not? Because driving is a big deal and requires your full attention. If you are looking at your phone and trying to text, your eyes are not on the road at all times. Looking away for just a few seconds could cause you to swerve off of the road or into oncoming traffic. Also, you need to have one hand off of the wheel to text. With only one hand on the wheel you do not have full control of the vehicle.

If you have a teen, ask him or her these questions:

  1. Is texting while driving really worth putting my life or someone else’s life at risk?
  2. Is any message so important that I have to check it right away?


Explain to your teen how dangerous texting while driving is. Driving a vehicle is not something to take lightly. And if you really need to check a message, pull over and do so.

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