The effect of spousal abuse on children

Are you a victim of spousal abuse? Have you ever thought about the effect of spousal abuse on children? The truth is, you might think that your children aren’t being hurt because the only person being abused is you. Unfortunately, this type of behavior hurts everyone in the family. Even if you try to hide it from your children in hopes that they will never find out what is really going on, they are eventually going to figure out that something is wrong. Whether they know the exact nature of what is happening or not isn’t really as important as understanding how this type of behavior affects the family dynamic.


If you are being abused by your spouse, it creates a situation that is unhealthy for everyone living in the home. Obviously, there are some issues involving self-esteem and independence. The truth is, many women that are abused by their spouse will tell themselves they have done something to deserve it or they simply don’t deserve to be treated any better. None of this is true. No one deserves to be abused, whether it is physically or verbally and everyone deserves to be treated with respect. If you are not demanding that type of respect, your children will see it. Ultimately, it will begin to affect their level of confidence as well.


Living with this type of family dynamic is dysfunctional and it can only have a negative impact on your children as they grow older. There is every chance that they themselves will grow up to either be abusers or be the victims of abuse. Children have a tendency to repeat what they see and hear so when they see a problem between their parents, they usually end up in the exact same types of relationships later on. As hard as it might be, it is vitally important that you get out of an unhealthy relationship or that you seek the professional help you need in order to ensure that your children have a shot at living healthy and productive lives as adults.