//The joys of cooking with your kids- can you say science project?

The joys of cooking with your kids- can you say science project?

The joy of cooking with your children in the kitchen.
It can be awesome– particularly if you are set up for it.
We have a learning tower in our home that we drag to our kitchen counter (a platform, essentially, where they little one can reach the kitchen counter or other surface to work safely– it is enclosed to protect the child).
Today, I made pink chocolate chip cupcakes with chocolate frosting with my 4 year old daughter– she had so much fun and felt so productive as she stirred everything together.
They actually look amazing as they sit on the stove top cooling (and we drool over them!).
But then my son saw what we had completed and decided that he wanted to make what we call in our home a science project!
This involves using everything in our kitchen and mixing it together– and then of course baking it– an interesting multi-flavor profile, for sure!
It can be fun but also overwhelming, and equally stressful– it uses up a lot of our stuff that we spend a lot of money on– spices, etc.
So today, my husband took our son out to ocean state job lot to buy cheaper ingredients for him to ‘experiment’ with ūüôā
Let’s see what he comes up with!!!

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