//The News Is Not the Whole Truth

The News Is Not the Whole Truth

Although it seems, at least in the United States, that the only thing you hear about is how horrible, unfit, and extreme police are, it’s important for the youth to understand that these are anomalies. Police brutality is NOT the norm. The news will seldom record the deeds of the good guys, who serve and protect every day without fail because these people are not deemed “newsworthy”. It’s important for children to understand that sometimes the people they are supposed to trust the most are not infallible, but it is equally as important to ensure that they know that for the majority, the police are trying to help situations. What they see on the news and what they hear about is not the whole truth, and we all know the youth is prone to cynicism and distrust. Children should be aware that most of the time, and in most cases, police are good people. The folly of a few men with poor choices should not jeopardize the integrity of our police as a whole.

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