//This Grandma’s Amazing Experience

This Grandma’s Amazing Experience

I have two precious granddaughters, ages 5 and 3. I was blessed to be present for the birth of the first. I think it was more amazing to me than the births of my own children! Seeing her come into the world, holding her when she was just minutes old, there is no other experience like it. No matter how much time I spend with my little beauties, it’s never enough. I love watching them grow and learn new things all the time, and I especially love helping them to learn things. Seeing their little eyes widen in wonder and excitement when they learn to do something new nearly makes my heart burst!


Of all the blessings of becoming a new grandmother, though, I think the one that has made me the happiest and proudest is seeing the incredible mother my daughter is. She is my youngest, and to see her take to motherhood so naturally and so perfectly has been something I just have no words for. I made it a point to stay in my place and only give help and advice when asked. That was a major thing for me when I became a young mother, as I had a mom and a sister who wanted to take over and who acted as if I knew nothing about caring for my own child. I didn’t want that to be my daughter’s experience. I make it a point to tell her all the time what a great job she’s doing and how proud I am of her. I feel truly blessed to have these wonderful ladies in my life.

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