//This is why I love being a father!!!

This is why I love being a father!!!

As I begin writing this, I’m not certain there are adequate words to explain why I love being a father. There are of course the basic reasons of having a little one around who looks up to me and who wants to emulate everything I do, whose smiles make me feel like my stomach is filled with warm sunshine, and whose tears hurt my heart like nothing else in the universe ever could. But I love being a dad for so many deeper reasons. I know that long after I’ve left this world my child will remember even the smallest things about me, about our relationship, and it is my main goal in life to make those memories all good ones that will make him smile whenever he thinks of them or tells his children about them. I love knowing that this little man feels unconditionally safe whenever he’s with me, when he’s in my arms, and I vow to never let any harm come to him. I know that I am the only person who will ever hold the place in his heart that I hold, as he does in mine, and that is an immense honor for me. I love being a father because my son loves me BEING his father, and his opinion means the world to me.


The best advice I can give any father is to make the very best memories you possibly can with your child, every single day, whether you have a few minutes to spend with him or an entire day. It’s quality not quantity. let your child know every moment that he or she is the most precious thing on this earth to you. Let them know that they have the potential to be anything, do anything, they set their mind to and that the one thing that matters least in this world is other people’s opinions of them. Raise them with integrity, to be the very best people they can be, and instill in them that as long as they can hold their heads high and feel good about themselves and all they do, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Leave them with this legacy to pass on to their own children someday, a legacy of fierce independence and pride in themselves.

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