//Thoughts on child discipline

Thoughts on child discipline

Today I was thinking about how my wife and I have been interacting with our two kids – one a five year old boy, and the other a seven year old girl.  My son gravitates towards me a bit more than my wife, and the opposite goes for my daughter.  I feel that this is to be expected.  However, things go a little differently when someone’s in trouble.

Earlier today, my son spilled a ton of milk in the kitchen.  He left me to find it about an hour later.  I Sherlock’ed my way into a confession, but not before noticing a pattern that has begun to develop.  While my son usually gravitates towards me, he will gravitate towards his mother if being punished.  When my daughter is in trouble, she takes refuge in her mother as well – even when her mom is the one scolding.  If I’m part of the conversation, she will still inch closer to, or hug her mother, while we talk with her.  The same goes for my son.  

Do other fathers out there experience this?  I am by NO means an authoritarian, and have very positive relationships with both kids.  However, they are magnetically attracted to their mother when they know they’re in trouble.  Is this just due to a strong maternal bonding, or is it something else?  

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