//Top 5 Apps for Students

Top 5 Apps for Students

It’s back to school time. Some kids went joyfully, others with dismay. Whether they like school or hate it, many students will turn to technology to help them along the way. Here are some of the best apps for students on the market now.


1) EasyBib

Copying another person’s answer from a test is wrong. Using a person’s thoughts and ideas without proper citation is not only wrong, it’s also illegal. Creating a bibliography is no one’s favorite thing but the angst of making one anyway can now be a stressor of the past. EasyBib is a citation generator that supports many different types of citation which can be changed easily in a pinch. Type in the book’s information or, even easier, scan the barcode, and this free app will take care of the rest. It does have some synchronization issues, with the online pro version requiring an email for sign in, while the app does not have the option to do so,

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2) My Study Life

There are plenty of schedule apps out there, but of those with a scholastic theme, this offers the best functionality and usability. The user can keep track of their class schedule, due dates for tests, track their homework and extracurricular activities all on a color coded, multi-platform app. This app is free and has a clean layout and is easy to navigate, making it a valuable tool for a busy high school or college student.

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3) Scholly Scholarship Search

Any student, or their parent, that intends to apply to college should download this app. Tuition alone can be out of reach for many college students without taking on the crippling burden of student loans. This app offers a free version with a basic scholarship search or a paid version for a one-time fee of $2.99. The paid version has advanced searches and personalized results. Considering how much could potentially be saved, the money would be well spent.

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4) StudyBlue

This app makes flashcards convenient and eliminates the possibility of dropping them all over the floor. Students can create their own flashcards, share them with their class or study group, then proceed to study at any spare moment until the last possible second. Like so many others on this list, StudyBlue is free. It is also a multi-platform app, allowing students to study no matter what device they happen to be using at the time.

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5) Grade Tracker Pro

This app lets students schedule their assignments and track the grades, and will keep the information over multiple semesters if needed. Ideal for high school or college, this app also includes a class scheduler and organizer. It reduces stress and allows a student to be aware of what they need on assignments to achieve the grade they want, avoiding a bad grade in the process.

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A plethora of apps for students are available today. Those here are some of the best on the market, but if they do not suit your needs for whatever reason, there will be one out there that does. Simply search in the app store and see what you find.

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