//Trimming the Grocery Budget

Trimming the Grocery Budget

Anyone with children can identify with the painful experience of grocery shopping. Kids grow quickly, eat everything in sight and it can be hard to keep the pantry and fridge stocked without breaking the bank! Use these tips to help keep your financial grocery goals in line.


Scour for deals

This can be done in a number of ways. Set aside one time a week to check out deals. Personally, I like to aside time on Thursday mornings as I drink my coffee because that is when many circulars in my area update. Plan your meals for the week based on the weekly specials to cut down the cost and to prevent impulse purchases. You can add additional savings with loyalty apps, such as Checkout 51 or by using a local loyalty program at your grocery store. These strategies help to earn cash back over time and will not provide instant savings but they can be handy in the long run. Saving coupons is another deal strategy, but make sure you do your research and that it is an item that is worth it.


Stick to simple classics

No need to get fancy in the kitchen! Kids like simple meals and keeping it to minimal ingredients will help line your pockets with cash flow more easily. Stick to classics that your family enjoys. Using simple modifications, like incorporating frozen vegetables instead of fresh produce can cut dollars in a manageable way without compromising taste. Compromising on brand names can also keep your budget more user friendly. Many times no name brands are just as tasty as their brand name counterparts, but half the price! Using spices can be an inexpensive way to add flavor that can be incorporated in a variety of dishes.


Invest in a crockpot

A really financially savvy move to trim the grocery budget is to invest in an inexpensive crockpot! You can make a variety of inexpensive meals that require minimal ingredients in large portions. Freeze leftovers for quick on the go meals in the future or use the leftovers as part of your kids’ lunch the following day.

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