Tutor Doctor Student Personality Quiz

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Tutor Doctor Student Personality Quiz


The reason why many students struggle in school has less to do with what they are learning and more to do with their ability to organize and manage their subjects and tasks.

Executive functions – skills that help students organize and act on information – are extremely important for a student’s success. These skills allow your child to be the boss of their emotions, actions, and goals.

Take this 8-Question quiz to find your child’s personality profile along with a short description.



To learn more about your score, enter your email to reach out to Executive Skills Coach, Yulia. Reply to your welcome email with a question for a detailed reply. Or schedule a FREE 15-minute chat.

Tutor Doctor Education Consultant, Yulia Rafailova has evaluated and coached thousands of students ranging in grades from pre-school to college. Tutor Doctor’s unique academic evaluations are absolutely free, and their education consultants are passionate about helping students develop their confidence and independence. Tutor Doctor offers to connect parents with a network of high-quality, affordable tutors, who can help students reach their academic goals in the comfort of home.




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