//Understanding And Implementing Self-Care Techniques: How You Might Be Impacting Your Kids

Understanding And Implementing Self-Care Techniques: How You Might Be Impacting Your Kids

Caring for them and yourself too:

Taking care of yourself is easy to underestimate and can be more complicated than you might think, especially when you have kids. Our busy schedules can take their toll, as many of our healthful habits may fall to the wayside in favor of getting everyone out the door and everything checked from the list. When you think about all the things you need to do to get your child ready to take on the day, you must remember that these steps in caring for their health are as equally necessary for your own body. Many parents dismiss their own needs, eventually finding themselves overwhelmed with the stresses of daily life. It’s important to remember that self-care is not a luxury but rather a necessity.


Ways to Care for Yourself:

Regularly finding time to participate in the activities that bring you joy can help you remember who you were before you were constantly in charge of another person. It is one way to stave off the burnout. These acts include even the simplest physical things, like eating, showering and sleeping. In times where you find yourself making personal sacrifices, repeat that treating yourself to basic maintenance should not make you feel guilty. You are a person too and the years spent with your children at home can make that an easy concept to forget. It is also hard to overstress the benefit of using self-help methods in emotional, psychological, social, and creative facets of your life, even if you are up to your ears in keeping up with the kiddos.


If You Tend to Stress Eat:

Your ability to cope with your life and surroundings, how you let this manifest into the way you act around and towards your kids, can have a huge impact on their emotional development. You are their example, and the ways in which you mistreat or fail to make certain things priorities for yourself, can be communicated to them. It can become a way to learn on how to deal with problems. Also, studies have shown that parents who are emotional eaters, those who use food to self-soothe in response to stress or mood changes, are likely to pass on this condition to their own children. This sort of behavior leaves an individual at risk for developing an eating disorder or becoming overweight. That type of behavior is thought to be developed as a coping mechanism for quelling harried emotions, which at some point was likely conditioned as a child when an adult offered food in attempt to soothe them.


Reigning in Bad Habits:

Getting a fresh perspective by visiting with a professional can be a good way to identify bad habits and to find guidance towards growth and self-actualization. For too many people, they are priced out of mental health care due to insurance debacles or budgetary restrictions. Online interfaces like BetterHelp provide a resource that makes it easier than ever to get connected with an appropriate mental health professional. Learning to healthfully take care of yourself is important so that you can present yourself as a wholesome and encouraging role model to your kids.


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