Lacey Byrne

Teaching Our Children to Be Allies

By Lacey Byrne, Yellowbrick Staff Writer At Yellowbrick, we strive to provide resources for parents to help them foster inclusive and socially conscientious children. We’ve been talking a lot lately about bystanders and becoming allies to disenfranchised groups. We need to create a climate of outspoken bystanders in the face of bullying, overt racism, or […]

How to Help a Young Child Cultivate Empathy

By Lacey Byrne, Yellowbrick Staff Writer Although most parents consider how to teach their child empathy, or make sure to give back in ways that makes sense for their family throughout the year; approaching Thanksgiving is a time when we are acutely aware of empathy. Empathy is the ability to understand and share another person’s […]

Re-inventing Thanksgiving Expectations

By Lacey Byrne, Yellowbrick Staff Writer Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I’m not sure if it’s because I love sweet potato casserole (minus the marshmallows), homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie or because it’s the only holiday we celebrate that is non-religious and non-materialistic. Probably a little bit of both. Because my parents […]

Are Your Kids Assertive Enough? Model It For Them!

By Lacey Byrne, Yellowbrick Staff Writer My mom and I were recently discussing a hard conversation that I had with a family member. It was one of those conversations where I had to be assertive, express my point of view and admit things I had kept to myself. This is never easy. Mom and I […]

Is Burger King ‘bluewashing’ Bullying?

By Lacey Byrne, Yellowbrick Staff Writer At Yellowbrick, we have a lot of conversations around bullying from both parents and professionals. On Tuesday, the fast food chain Burger King created a social experiment to test people’s reaction to bullying as part of October’s Bullying Awareness Month. They staged child actors bullying another child in one […]