Video Games – If You Can’t Beat Them…Join them

Video games are an integral part of life today. We can lament the good old days when we played outside until the streetlamps came on or promise ourselves that “my kids will never play video games,” but the reality is that times have changed. Video games are not the enemy. In fact, there are many benefits of video games:


  • Video games strengthen eye-hand coordination. Even the most basic games require children to master key buttons on the control. Games teach right hand from a left side, just from the repetitive practice. Research has shown that young adults who grew up playing video games have the dexterity of some physicians or the light touch of an artist.
  • Children learn social skills from video games. The concept of taking turns and teamwork are reinforced through these types of challenges. Kids gain confidence from “beating” levels and advancing. Also, in the right context-children can even talk to other players in cities across the country or even across the world.
  • Educational video games are a learning tool in today’s education system. Our schools are learning to incorporate fun learning activities to supplement written and verbal lessons. Classrooms come with computers and in some cases, students are provided individual tablets to play and learn on.


Let’s face it…our children have the entire world available to them online now. They have opportunities that we only dreamed of growing up. So, embrace video games. Play them with your child and you may find that you learn something, too!