//Vigilance Decision Style – Parenting Survey

Vigilance Decision Style – Parenting Survey

This survey was designed to measure your tendency to be “vigilant” when making parenting decisions. According to decision making expert Leon Mann and his colleagues, vigilant decision makers:

  1. Clarify the objectives to be achieved by the decision
  2. Consider many alternative choices
  3. Absorb information in an unbiased manner
  4. Evaluate alternatives carefully before making a choice

Research has shown that people who score high on vigilance decision making style only experience a moderate level of psychological distress. This style is associated with sound and rational decision making.

What is your vigilance score? To find out, take the 5-question survey below:

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Citation: Adapted from Mann, L., Burnett, P., Radford, M., & Ford, S. (1997). The Melbourne Decision Making Questionnaire: An instrument for measuring patterns for coping with decisional conflict. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making, 10(1), 1-19. 

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