//What being a grandparent means to me

What being a grandparent means to me

I, personally, have been a grandparent now for a number of years. How does one describe it? What does it mean to me? First of all, being a grandparent is totally awesome, simple as that. It is like being a parent. However, it is being a parent, without actually being a parent. It means I can spoil my grandkids rotten. Nonetheless, I still do have to ask my kids, if it is okay to do it. Because, to be honest, I don’t want to overstep my bounds with spoiling them rotten if my own kids don’t approve of it first. I love my grandchildren. It’s like getting to relive the growing up of my own kids all over again. They also make me feel young too. Being a grandparent isn’t just about being older and getting ready for old age. It is about making one happy and being happy with youngsters who aren’t your kids. But, who are still every inch, your blood and a valid extension of your existence in the world.


How does one describe being a grandparent from a personal aspect that is intimate and warm? The answer is this. Being a grandparent affords me the opportunity to not only help re-raise a second set of little ones, but it is filled with endless smiles, and also wonderful adventure beyond words. I like being a grandparent for a number of reasons. Nevertheless, it would take all day, if I were to ramble on about all the things I love most about it. I will just say one thing in closing and that is this. I’m happier beyond happy to be a valuable person in the upbringing of my kid’s own kids. I want to always be there for them. They make me smile, laugh, feel good about me, and also take comfort in knowing that I’m loved for just being there to care for them.

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