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What can parents do to prevent sexting?

In our modern world today with all the advances in technology, electronic, and social media, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of what exactly your adolescents and/or teens are doing each day. Many times, it can be totally innocent, messing with Instagram or Facebooking with friends, but other times it can be more unsightly things, such as sending bad pictures, looking at things like pornography, or even “sexting” with other individuals that they know. If you’re a parent who wants to prevent sexting or other risky online behaviors, here are a few tips to begin to get things under control.


Sexting, or really any other topic of that nature, can be a tricky conversation to have with your teen, as teens are hard to talk with about private matters in the first place. They become standoff-ish and sometimes unwilling to cooperate or listen. They believe they know what is best for them, and sometimes, you have to respect that sense of independence that they have. Sometimes it is even good for them to learn from their mistakes or possible mistakes. However, even if they seem that way, your children will always hold your advice and your words in the back of their minds. Just having that couple sentences of advice and cautiousness to their behavior can linger and can also be a learning lesson as well.


If you are afraid of having the conversation about these different topics with your teen or adolescent, it is nothing to be nervous for. They are just as nervous also, and for that matter, there is always a part of them that doesn’t want to let you down. They want to make you proud, so speaking your mind and telling them your view on the matter can always be beneficial, no matter the outcome. Always be in your guard when it comes to your children and family, but also keep trust and respect in the mix as well.

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