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What is Colic?

Colic is not an ailment that usually causes great concern for the overall health of an infant, but one that can cause a parent to wonder about their own sanity for the duration of an especially long or untimely episode of this common malady.


What is colic?


Colic is basically a pocket of air in a baby’s tummy, although it is believed by some to be caused by other things such as teething or fatigue. When an infant has colic, they have painful gas spasms and or pain. There are two goals during an episode of colic. First, help the baby expel the gas, second, help the baby calm down in order to rest and let the gas out. If a child is all tensed from the gas pain, there is less possibility for the gas to escape.


Parents through the ages have handed down their advice about what works and how to survive a bout of colic that keeps a parent walking the floor for hours. Although colic only shows up during the first few months of a child’s life, an exhausted parent can feel as if these nights will last forever.


What can be done about colic?


Some things that have worked are to lay an infant across your knees on its tummy and to gently giggle your knees with the baby’s rump slightly elevated to allow the gas an easy exit. Some parents swear by taking a car ride. However you chose to handle your child having colic, just please keep in mind that the rump in the air is usually more successful than not. And once the gas is out soothing your baby is the next step. Whether it is walking the floor, taking a spin in the car, or rocking in a chair, both parent and child will eventually pass out from relief once the air is expelled from the tummy.


Again, colic is a normal occurrence and the bouts short lived in the overall scheme of raising a child, to the overwhelmed parent, it can seem to last a lifetime. A parent should keep in mind the two goals for surviving colic, and that they will need patience and endurance in order to keep their state of mind on a positive note.

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