What Parents Should Know About Snapchat

With all the social networks that exist this day and age, kids can keep in almost constant contact. With the use of all the modern devices and more frequent availability, kids never have to leave their friends. This is true with the “Snapchat” app.


Snapchat, is an app that allows anyone to take pictures of themselves as they chat. The person tells a story with their pictures while they are talking to someone. The app also offers hilarious filters and the option to send videos. With these social apps come great responsibility. Parents should monitor their child’s use of these apps. As a small child they innocently picture message their friends. No big deal. Teenagers will be teenagers though. Sending naked pictures is not uncommon. Monitoring these apps is completely up to the parent. Kids could be chatting with virtually anyone. A lot of strangers and perverts frequent these apps. While snapchat is a fun app when used responsibly, it can also be dangerous if not monitored properly.


Snapchat is a fun app when monitored correctly. It can also turn dangerous if it’s not supervised. This is a phone app for both iPhone and Android devices. It’s a good app for kids looking to pass time by connecting with their friends but allowing children to constantly connect with their friends can cause conflict and fighting, so also be sure to limit their time on social apps, they will thank you later in life.