What’s your “WHY”?

I can’t begrudge my parents, because they really didn’t really know any better, but I grew up eating the wrong foods — and a lot of them. Pastas, breads, rich foods prepared with butter, frozen and canned veggies, and crystal light or diet coke. My parents didn’t know how to prepare fresh veggies, make whole grains, or make stir fry with olive oil or coconut oil. I’ve always had to work hard to maintain a healthy weight, and if not for playing 3 sports and constantly being on the go, I would have struggled with my weight even more. 

Also, my parents didn’t make their fitness a priority. My dad smoked a ton of cigarettes, ate poorly, and is pretty much going blind and on the brink of losing limbs on account of Type 2 diabetes. He is 68 going on 88, and needs constant care. He can’t play with his 2 grandchildren very much.

My WHY is therefore ME, my husband, and my KIDS! I don’t want to have to rely on my family to provide constant care — at least until I’m 100 years old! I want to be in the BEST shape for myself, my girls, my future grandkids, and their kids! I want to enjoy my retirement and live life to the fullest!

Need some motivation? Find that reason that will keep you going even on the days you don’t feel like exercising or taking care of yourself. My family is my WHY, my reason for showing up every day and doing MY part to Iive a long and healthy life.

What’s your WHY? Once you know it, it will empower you.

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