Why I love being a father

I am a father to my stepdaughter and have been for a couple of years now. I got married to my wife and have since been taking care of her as if she was my own flesh and blood. While it is a challenge being a father to a teenage girl, I will share what I enjoy about being her father.


First of all I really like watching my kid grow into an intelligent woman. She’s in her early teens right now, but every few months that pass I can tell that she’s very good at school and things like computers. When she first moved in she was used to having an abusive father, so it took her a while to warm up to me and to want to do much because she was anxious all the time. Now that she knows we’re on the same team, she goes above and beyond for things like school because she’s becoming less scared to live life.


When you have someone in your life that does well and doesn’t argue with you, it makes you proud to be a parent. When I was a child, I had a lot of problems in my home. My stepfather was very abusive and just mean in general. My goal in being a parent is to not be a friend, but to be seen as someone that anything can be told to and I won’t get angry. I feel like this strategy is working and I’m very pleased with how much respect I get when I give respect out as well.


When I first decided to marry my wife and take on the responsibility of being a stepfather I thought it was going to be super hard. It actually is not so bad, though as with anything new there are challenges. Even though I’m not her father by blood, she still considers me her father because her real one isn’t in the picture and never will be.