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Yellowbrick.me (“we”, “our” or “us”) provides an online forum for thousands of distinct conversations around parenting and other topics to take place. It is a place where all parents and people responsible for the care of children can meet each other, ask questions, give parenting advice, learn about current research, and find educational resources.

These terms and your conduct make that possible.This User Agreement (the “user agreement” or “agreement”) sets the terms of your use of the Yellowbrick.me website and services (“Yellowbrick.me” or the “Site” or “Services”) including Yellowbrick.me mobile, Yellowbrick.me intervention and custom functionality, as well as Yellowbrick.me partners and research.


  • This agreement is a legal, binding agreement between you and us. By accessing and using Yellowbrick.me, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to terms of this agreement, do not use Yellowbrick.me.
  • By accessing and using Yellowbrick.me, you are also agreeing to the terms of Yellowbrick.me’s Privacy Policy, which is available here. Yellowbrick.me’s Privacy Policy sets forth how we collect and use your information.
  • Yellowbrick.me maintains its own internal currency, Bricks. Our policy concerning our internal currency is available here. It explains our policy concerning the purchase and use of Bricks. By accessing and using Yellowbrick.me, you are agreeing to the terms of the Bricks Currency Policy.
  • We reserve the right to make changes to this agreement at any time. If we make changes to this agreement that materially affect your rights, we will provide notice and keep this edition available as an archive on the Yellowbrick.me website. By accessing and using Yellowbrick.me, you agree to periodically review this agreement between us so that you are aware of any changes. If at any time you find the terms of this agreement unacceptable or you no longer agree to the terms, DO NOT USE YELLOWBRICK.ME.

Access to Yellowbrick.me

  • In the event that you violate the terms of this agreement or any of our policies, Yellowbrick.me reserves the right, without advance notice and at any time we choose, to: (1) suspend your access to Yellowbrick.me, (2) suspend or terminate Your Account (3) remove any of your Content, as defined below, from Yellowbrick.me.
  • Although we are not obligated to do so, we reserve the right to monitor Yellowbrick.me, and your use of Yellowbrick.me means you agree to any such monitoring that we may conduct. At the same time, we do not guarantee we will monitor at all and are not responsible for any content posted on Yellowbrick.me by third parties as set forth further below. We are further not responsible for any decisions you make based on something you read on Yellowbrick.me and you agree that we are not responsible for any decisions you may make based on something you read on Yellowbrick.me.
  • Although Yellowbrick.me does not necessarily and you understand that it is not required to monitor for violations of this agreement, if any of the terms rules are violated, you understand that it can result in the suspension and/or termination of your account which could result in the forfeiture of any “Bricks”. In the event of any termination of your account, you will not be allowed to open up a new account or to use any other existing account you may have with Yellowbrick.me.
  • Yellowbrick.me reserves the right to change, interrupt or discontinue the operation of its services provided at any time.
  • Yellowbrick.me is designed and supported for your personal use. Yellowbrick.me may not be used to break the law, conduct transactions for any illegal goods or services, violate an individual’s privacy, or infringe any person or entity’s intellectual property or any other proprietary rights.

Yellowbrick.me is Not a Marketplace/No Endoresement

  • Yellowbrick.me is not a marketplace for any goods or services. For this reason, any transactions you undertake are your responsibility alone, and Yellowbrick.me makes no representations or warranties concerning any goods or service you may obtain or use as a result of your use of Yellowbrick.me. While we provide access to various resources, we at Yellowbrick.me are not recommending any of those various resources. If you are interested in utilizing a resource, we recommend you conduct proper due diligence, ask your community members for feedback, or take any other appropriate action to investigate the resource.
  • We do not expressly or implicitly endorse, and we do not assume any liability or take any responsibility, for any Content submitted by you to Yellowbrick.me. You agree that you will not hold Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders, and/or employees liable for any Content upon which you rely of your own accord and after your own investigation or which you believe violates your rights.
  • You understand that no clinical or professional relationship is created by any discussion occurring on Yellowbrick.me. We are not a clinical service provider. We cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible rights, remedies, care, treatment and the like. Furthermore, any advice you may receive on Yellowbrick.me does not establish any clinical or professional relationship.

Your Yellowbrick.me Account

  • To actively participate on Yellowbrick.me, you must create a user account that includes a username and password (“Your Account”). You can also browse Yellowbrick.me without logging in, but your use of the site will be limited and you still remain subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.
  • You are solely responsible for the information associated with Your Account. Anything that happens relating to Your Account, including any Content, as defined below, you post, remains your responsibility and your responsibility only.
  • Your Account may not be licensed, transferred, sold, or assigned without our prior written approval.

Yellowbrick.me Paid Memberships

  • Yellowbrick.me offers premium memberships which are available by paying a monthly or annual fee. This user agreement applies to Yellowbrick.me paid members as well as unpaid members. Paid memberships do not provide any benefits other than the listed benefits, which are subject to change from time to time and in Yellowbrick.me’s sole discretion.
  • Yellowbrick.me does not refund or prorate premiums. If a user signs up for a monthly or annual membership, and decides at any point to cancel their membership they will not be charged any re-occurring fees, but they will also not be refunded any prorated amount of membership cost. For example; user signs up on the first of the month for a monthly membership and cancels on the 2nd day of the month. They will not receive any of the months premium back, they simply will not be charged the following month. The same example is true for annual memberships, once the fee is collected there are no refunds.
  • In order to avoid future payments, all cancellations of membership must be done prior to the date in which re-occurring billing is applied.

Payment Information

  • In order to utilize Yellowbrick.me’s paid membership or to purchase other productions, you will be required to submit your debit or credit card information (“Payment Information”) via the website. Yellowbrick.me utilizes third party service providers to process any payment information you provide. By submitting your Payment Information and your authorization for Yellowbrick.me to use your Payment information, you are agreeing to pay all costs that you incur, and are giving us permission to charge you when payment is due, including any applicable taxes, fees, and charges to Yellowbrick.me or one of our service providers.

Yellowbrick.me Content

  • Yellowbrick.me content consists of our graphics, text, photographs, images, video, audio, software, code, website compilation, advertisements, and the general look and feel of the site which is supplied by us or our licensors. All such content is protected by intellectual property laws including copyright and other proprietary rights of the United States and foreign countries.
  • You may not make any unauthorized commercial use of, reproduction, derivative works, copies, perform, or publicly display Yellowbrick.me content, except as permitted by the doctrine of fair use or as authorized in writing by us. If you are interested in more information about licensing Yellowbrick.me content or working with Yellowbrick.me, contact us at [email protected]

Your Content

  • Yellowbrick.me provides a forum for people to publicly display and share their thoughts, ideas, opinions and information by posting on Yellowbrick.me (the “Content”). You agree that any Content you post on Yellowbrick.me complies with the terms of this agreement. Yellowbrick.me does not and will not claim any ownership of any Content and you retain whatever rights you may have, if any, concerning Content you submit on Yellowbrick.me.
  • By submitting Content to Yellowbrick.me, you authorize and grant us a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, unrestricted, worldwide license to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute copies, perform, or publicly display your Content in any medium and for any purpose, including commercial purposes.
  • This authorization and license includes the right for Yellowbrick.me to integrate the Content on the Website and in advertising material (e.g., for the Yellowbrick.me Community). In particular, you grant Yellowbrick.me the following rights of use:
    • The indefinite right of reproduction, the right of public accessibility, and the right of dissemination;
    • The right of making Content available on demand including the right to store the Content, keep it at hand for the public, to transmit it to any number of persons, or to otherwise use consistent with this agreement; and
    • The right to use Content for advertising purposes including the right to reproduce the Content indefinitely for advertising and marketing purposes. This right includes the right to alter the Content for such purposes and the right to integrate it with other pictures, text, graphics, artworks, films, audio, and audio-visual media.
  • By entering into this agreement, you agree and acknowledge that Yellowbrick.me is not obliged to indicate User as author and/or originator of Content that Yellowbrick.me may choose to display, and you waive any applicable rights of copyright notice.
  • By submitting Content to Yellowbrick.me, you agree that you have the right to submit such information, and that you are not violating the copyright, trademark, trade secret or any other personal or proprietary right of any other party.
  • Yellowbrick.me reserves the right to refuse to upload Content and to delete or remove any Content that, at Yellowbrick.me’s sole discretion, violates the terms of this agreement, any third-party rights or any applicable law/s or Content that Yellowbrick.me deems unacceptable or inappropriate.

Links and Yellowbrick.me

  • Yellowbrick.me contains many third-party hyperlinks posted by users. Yellowbrick.me is not responsible for the content or actions of any third party websites or services associated with posted links. If you post a link, you agree to take sole legal responsibility for posting it. Neither this agreement nor our Privacy Policy applies to any content on other websites related to links that might be posted on Yellowbrick.me. You should consult the terms and privacy policies of those other websites to understand your rights. By entering this agreement, you agree that you will not hold Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders, and/or employees liable for any information you obtain on Yellowbrick.me or from actions that result from your decision to access a link on Yellowbrick.me.


  • Your use of Yellowbrick.me is guided by certain rules, guidelines, and expectation, including our Code of Conduct. These guidelines are intended to keep people safe, keep Yellowbrick.me operating, and to encourage personal responsibility for your actions. By entering this agreement, you agree to:
    • Keep Everyone Safe: You agree not to jeopardize the health and safety of others or yourself.
    • Keep Personal Information Off Yellowbrick.me: You agree to not post anyone’s sensitive personal information.
      Take Personal Responsibility: As you use Yellowbrick.me, you understand that your actions may have consequences and could lead to criminal and civil liability.
    • Not provide to or post on or through Yellowbrick.me any graphics, text, photographs, images, video, audio, or other material that constitutes junk mail, spam, or advertising or is otherwise unwanted in nature.
    • Not use any obscene, indecent, or offensive language. You further agree to refrain from the use of ethnic/racial slurs, religious intolerance, homophobia, personal attacks and other discriminatory behavior when using Yellowbrick.me. Yellowbrick.me insists upon having a welcoming community.
    • Not use any sexually suggestive language or to provide to or post on or through Yellowbrick.me any graphics, text, photographs, images, video, audio or other material that is sexually suggestive or appeals to a prurient interest.
    • Provide to or post on or through Yellowbrick.me any graphics, text, photographs, images, video, audio or other material that invades anyone’s privacy, or facilitates or encourages any criminal offense.
  • By using Yellowbrick.me, you agree that you are responsible for ensuring that any graphics, text, photographs, images, video, audio, or other material you provide to or post on the Website does not violate these rules or the copyright, trademark, trade secret or any other personal or proprietary rights of any third party.
  • You agree that Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders, and/or employees are not liable for any violation of these rules and by entering into this user agreement, you agree that you will not hold Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders, and/or employees liable for any such conduct by other users. If users are bullied or homophobia, racism, or discriminatory behavior is spread through Yellowbrick.me, Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders, and/or employees are not liable for any such postings and by entering into this user agreement, you agree that you will not hold Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders and/or employees liable for any such conduct by users.
  • We expect everyone to join in policing the site. However, Yellowbrick.me may appoint moderators to assist in doing so. Moderating on Yellowbrick.me is an unofficial, voluntary position. We reserve the right to revoke that position for any user at any time. If you choose to serve as a moderator, you agree to the following:
    • You may not enter into any form of agreement on behalf of Yellowbrick.me without our written approval.
    • You may not act in return for any form of compensation or favor from third-parties.
    • When you receive notice that there is content that violates this user agreement, you agree to remove it or to otherwise notify Yellowbrick.me of the issue.
  • Notwithstanding the appointment of any moderators, you agree that Yellowbrick.me is not responsible for the actions taken or not taken by any moderators that may be appointed.

No Spam

  • You may not post any graphics, text, photographs, images, video, audio or other material that could be considered, in our discretion, junk or spam. Posting such conduct reduces the quality of the Yellowbrick.me experience for others.

Respect Other Users

  • Except as otherwise provided herein, you may not purposefully delete or edit the content of other users on Yellowbrick.me.

Interference with Yellowbrick.me

  • You agree that you will not disrupt Yellowbrick.me, introduce malicious code or viruses onto Yellowbrick.me, make it difficult for anyone else to use Yellowbrick.me due to your actions, attempt to manipulate Yellowbrick.me’s systems, attempt to obtain unauthorized “Bricks” or assist anyone in misusing Yellowbrick.me in any way.
  • To report a Yellowbrick.me security issue, please send an email to [email protected]

Access to Yellowbrick.me

  • We take no responsibility for, we do not expressly or implicitly endorse, and we do not assume any liability for any mobile or desktop application not produced by us.
  • If you produce or maintain a browser extension or application, you agree that such application or extension will not interfere with any user’s actions on Yellowbrick.me.

Children and Yellowbrick.me

  • Yellowbrick.me is not directed or intended for people under the age of 18, and Yellowbrick.me does not knowingly collect any personal information from such people. If you know that a user under the age of 18 is accessing Yellowbrick.me, please please send an email to [email protected]


  • Copyright, the DMCA, and Takedowns
    • We will respond to appropriate requests under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), and we retain the right to remove user content on Yellowbrick.me that we determine infringes the copyright of others. If you become aware of user content on Yellowbrick.me that infringes your copyright rights, you may submit a proper DMCA request (see 17 U.S.C. § 512) to Yellowbrick.me.
    • Any misrepresentations of infringement can result in liability for monetary damages, and you are solely responsible for any misrepresentation you make. Consult an attorney before taking any action pursuant to the DMCA. Any DMCA request should be sent to this contact information:
      • Copyright Agent
        Yellowbrick.me, Inc.
        34 Jerome Ave., Suite 318
        Bloomfield, CT 06002
    • Please send us the following information:
      • An appropriate authorization including the electronic or physical signature of the owner of the copyright;
      • Identification of the copyrighted work claimed to have been infringed;
      • The URL or Internet location of the materials claimed to be infringing or to be the subject of infringing activity;
      • Your contact information including name, address, telephone number, and email address;
      • A statement by you that you have a good faith belief that the disputed use of the material is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent or the law; and
      • A statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or are authorized to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.
  • Right to File a Counter-Notice
    • If we remove your user content in response to a copyright or other notice, we will notify you via your private email. If you believe your content was wrongly removed due to a mistake or misidentification of the material, you can file a counter-notice with us that includes the following:
      • Your physical or electronic signature;
      • Identification of the material that has been removed or to which access has been disabled and where the material was located online before it was removed or access to it was disabled;
      • A statement by you, under penalty of perjury, that you have a good faith belief that the material was removed or disabled as a result of mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled; and
      • Your name, address, and telephone number, and a statement that you consent to the jurisdiction of federal district court for the judicial district in which the address is located, or if your address is outside of the United States, for any judicial district in which the service provider may be found, and that you will accept service of process from the person who provided notification under DMCA 512 subsection (c)(1)(c) or an agent of such person.
    • Upon receiving a counter-notice we will forward it to the complaining party and tell them we will restore your content within 20 business days. If that party does not notify us that they have filed an action to enjoin your use of that content on Yellowbrick.me before that period passes, we will consider restoring your user content to the site, but will be under no obligation to do so. Yellowbrick.me retains all discretion on whether information should be maintained on Yellowbrick.me, even if no violation may exist.
    • Yellowbrick.me retains the right to close the accounts of users we identify as repeat infringers. We apply this policy at our sole discretion and in appropriate circumstances.


  • You agree to hold Yellowbrick.me, its affiliates, officers, directors, employees, agents, and third party service providers harmless from and defend them against any claims, suits, actions, costs, damages, losses, expenses, and any other liabilities, including attorneys’ fees and costs, arising out of or related to your access to or use of Yellowbrick.me, your violation of this user agreement, and/or your violation of the rights of any third party.

Disclaimer or Warranties

  • Yellowbrick.me is provided “as is” and without warranty of any kind. To the maximum extent permitted by law, we and our affiliates and third party service providers disclaim any and all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of proprietary rights, or any other warranty, condition, guarantee or representation, whether oral or electronic, and provide no guaranty concerning service. You are solely responsible for any damage to your computer or mobile device, loss of use, or loss of your user content. We do not guarantee and you understand that Yellowbrick.me may not always be available for use.
  • Yellowbrick.me makes every effort to provide a stable and powerful service in cooperation with its service partners and data processing centers. However, service failures due to malfunctions or maintenance works are to be expected and do not constitute a defect of service. No guarantee of Yellowbrick.me shall be given for the absence of viruses or any other harmful components from the Site. The use of the Site and the functionalities specially made available are provided “as is”. Yellowbrick.me is free to alter them at its own discretion at any time. Such alterations do not constitute a defect of service.

Limitation of Liability

  • You agree that you will not hold Yellowbrick.me liable for any special, consequential, indirect, incidental, punitive, reliance, or exemplary damages, whether in tort, contract, or any other legal theory, arising out of or in any way connected with this agreement or your use of or attempt to use Yellowbrick.me or any action taken by another user of Yellowbrick.me, including but not limited to damages for loss of profits, goodwill, use, data or any other damages you may claim. This limitation on liability shall not be affected even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Some states do not allow for the exclusion of implied warranties or the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusions may not apply to you, but is to the extent permitted by law.
  • You agree to release Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders and/or employees, our affiliates, and third-party service providers, and each associated director, employee, agents, and officers, from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential), of every kind and nature, known and unknown, disclosed or undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected to your use of Yellowbrick.me.
  • Again, Yellowbrick.me has no ability to and does not control any Content. You agree that Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders and/or employees shall not be liable for the availability, accuracy, completeness, freshness and legality of any Content or for any misconduct of any Users or any third party.
  • You agree you shall also not hold Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders and/or employees liable by reason of any failure to timely perform its services due to an event beyond its reasonable control, including, without limitation, force majeure, computer viruses, acts of terrorism, civil unrest, war, strikes, fires, power cuts or epidemics.
  • You agree you shall not hold Yellowbrick.me, its principals, officers, directors, shareholders and/or employees liable for any loss or damage suffered by User (i) which arises in connection with User’s Content or (ii) which arises out of the exercise or the attempted or purported exercise of, or the failure to exercise any of, the respective rights or obligations under this agreement.

Governing Law

  • Our hope is that you will enjoy your Yellowbrick.me experience. If you have any issue or dispute, you agree to raise it and try to resolve it with us informally prior to taking any other action, legal or otherwise. You can contact us with feedback and concerns here or by emailing us at [email protected]
  • The headings in this agreement are for convenience only and do not control any of its provisions.
  • In the event we cannot resolve any matter informally as required by this agreement, any claim or dispute between you and us arising out of or relating to this user agreement, in whole or in part, shall be governed by the laws of the State of Connecticut without respect to its conflict of laws provisions. We agree and you agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction and venue of the state and/or federal court located in Hartford, Connecticut (or as otherwise might be assigned). You agree that the submission to the jurisdiction and venue of state and/or federal courts located in Connecticut is reasonable and fair.

Severability and Enforecement

  • If any provision of this user agreement is held invalid or unenforceable, that provision will be modified to the extent necessary to render it enforceable without losing its intent. If no such modification is possible, that provision will be severed from the rest of this agreement, but the remainder of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
  • If we do not exercise our right to enforce any right or provision in this user agreement, it shall not be deemend a waiver of our right to do so in the future or any other right we may have under this agreement.

Changes to this User Agreement

  • This user agreement is the entire agreement between you and us concerning Yellowbrick.me. It supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements between you and us. We may modify this user agreement at any time. If we make changes to this agreement that materially affect your rights, we will provide notice and keep this edition available as an archive on the Yellowbrick.me website. By continuing to use Yellowbrick.me after a change to this agreement, you agree to those changes and accept all changes to the agreement.
  • This user agreement is effective as of May 1st, 2015.

Privacy Policy

Effective May 1st, 2015

Yellowbrick.me (“we”, “our” or “us”) understands how important the privacy of personal information is to our users. We take your privacy seriously and want you to know how we collect, use, share and protect your information. This Privacy Policy is intended to give you an overview of the information we may collect about you, what choices you have about your information, how we use your information, how and with whom we may share information we have about you, and how we protect your information. This privacy policy is part of the terms and conditions of use for this site, and your acceptance of our terms and conditions constitutes acceptance of the terms of this privacy policy. We therefore urge you to take the time to read our entire Privacy Policy for complete detail about our privacy practices and your information.
We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Such changes, modifications, additions, or deletions shall be effective immediately. If we make changes to this policy that materially affect your rights, we will provide notice and keep this edition available as an archive on the Yellowbrick.me website. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this site and this policy periodically and to be aware of any modifications. Your continued use of the site after such modifications will constitute your: (a) acknowledgment of the modified policy and (b) agreement to abide and be bound by the modified policy.

At Yellowbrick.me, we take our members’ privacy very seriously. We believe that in order for conversation to flow, and for members to share more intimately with one another, confidentiality, if desired, is important.

This is why we allow you to sign up and yet remain anonymous to other users. Any user has the option to make themselves publically known to the community, but this is up to the individual user.

Nonetheless, Yellowbrick.me collects information on our users in various ways, such as, by your voluntary submissions, participation in services provided via Yellowbrick.me (the “Site and Services”), from third parties with your consent, and through cookie and other tracking technology. Yellowbrick.me collects the following information:

  • Personal Information
    “Personal Information” refers to information that tells us specifically who you are, such as your name, phone number, email, postal address, and possibly information relating to certain support or customer service issues. In some cases, we may need this information to provide you full use of the Site and Services.
  • Submission of Reviews, Ratings, and Comments
    We collect information that you voluntarily provide as part of our Site and Services, including messages, posts, comments, responses, reviews, and ratings you submit through the Site and Services, (“User Generated Content”). Yellowbrick.me may in our sole discretion share your User Generated Content with others such as your business reviews. If you do not want certain information shared with others, you should not submit User Generated Content, or should not submit User Generated Content that contains information or Personal Information you do not want shared in this manner. Once you have submitted User Generated Content, we reserve the right to publish it in any medium to others.
  • Surveys and Studies
    Yellowbrick.me may also, from time to time, conduct various surveys and research studies, the result of which may be published within Yellowbrick.me, a third party application, and/or journal publications. By participating in any survey or research study you are giving Yellowbrick.me permission to use this information. Yellowbrick.me will not use any personal identifying information in the dissemination of survey and research study results.
  • Community Demographics
    As discussed further below, from time to time Yellowbrick.me will engage with advertisers and researchers. These entities will expect to understand the community’s demographics. For this purpose, we may provide a macro view of the community’s demographics (e.g., age, gender, number of children, state of residence, marital/partnership status, race). Individual users will never be singled out and personal information such as your name, email address, and snail mail address will not be shared.
  • Aggregate Information
    We may collect general, non-personal, statistical information about the use of the Site and Services, such as how many visitors visit a specific page on the Site, how long they stay on that page, and which hyperlinks, if any, they click on. This information represents a generic overview of our users, including their collective viewing habits, and allows us and other third parties to modify information, promotions, offers and/or discounts on products and services based on user traffic and behavior. We collect this information through the use of technologies such as ‘cookies’ and web beacons, which are discussed in greater detail below. We collect this information in order to help enhance the Site and Services to make for a better visitor experience.
  • Third Party Information
    We may supplement information you provide to us with information from other sources, such as information to validate or update your address, payment card or other demographic and lifestyle information. We use this information to help us maintain the accuracy of the information we collect, to enable us to fulfill our products and services, to target our communications so that we can inform you of products, services and offers that may be of interest, and for internal business analysis or other business purposes consistent with our mission.
  • Cookies
    Even if you do not register with or provide any Personal Information to us, we may collect Non-Personally Identifiable Information about your use of our site. “Non-Personal Information” means information that we cannot use to identify or contact you. We may also acquire Non-Personal Information about our users from external sources. This information may be compiled and analyzed on both a personal and an aggregated basis. We may collect Non-Personal Information about your use of the site through the use of Cookies, Web Beacons or other online tracking technologies in the banner advertisements served on our site and in emails we may send you. “Cookies” are small data files that are stored on the hard drive of the computer you use to view a web site. Every computer that accesses this site is assigned a different cookie by us. “Web Beacons” are graphic image files imbedded in a web page typically used to monitor activity on a web page and send back to its home server (which can belong to the host site, a network advertiser, or some other third party) information from your browser, such as the IP address, the URL of the page on which the beacon is located, the type of browser that is accessing the site and the ID number of any Cookies on your computer previously placed by that server.
  • Third Party Advertising Service Providers
    We work with third party advertising service providers to display advertising on our Sites. Our ad network vendors use technologies, which may include Cookies and Web Beacons, to collect Non-Personal Information about your activities on our web sites to provide you cookie-based targeted advertising based upon your browsing activity and your interests. These third party advertising service providers may use this information, on our behalf, to help us deliver advertising on our site as well as on other sites on the Internet based on your browsing activity on our sites. We may further tailor the advertising on these third party sites based on additional Non-Personal Information to the extent known by us or these third parties.
  • Third Party Management of Information
    We do not control how third parties use Cookies or Web Beacons or how they manage the Non-Personal Information they gather through the use of these technologies on our site. However, we do require sponsors, advertisers and Ad Servers who collect cookie or web beacon information through our site to agree that they will not collect any Personal Information from our site. They have promised us they will not link any Non-Personal Information collected by them on our site to Personal Information they or others collect in other ways or from other sites except as may be described in connection with a particular program.
  • Rejecting Cookies
    Please note, most browser software can be set to reject Cookies. Most browsers offer instructions on how to reset the browser to reject Cookies in the “Help” section of the toolbar. If you reject our Cookies, certain functions and conveniences of the site may not work properly but you do not have to accept our cookies in order to productively use or register with this site.
  • Other Tracking Technologies
    Tracking technologies may record information such as Internet domain and host names; Internet protocol (IP) addresses; browser software and operating system types; clickstream patterns; and dates and times that our Site and Services are accessed. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer whenever you are surfing the web. Web servers, the computers that ‘serve up’ webpages, automatically identify your computer by its IP address. The Site and Services may also use technology called “tracer tags”. These may also be referred to as “Pixels”, “Clear GIFs” or “Web Beacons”. This technology allows us to understand which pages you visit on our Site and other ways you interact with our Site and Services, such as purchases made through the Site and Services. These tracer tags are used to help us to optimize and tailor our Site and Services for you and other users of our Site and Services. We may link the information we record using tracking technologies to Personal Information we collect.

Despite our efforts to protect your Personal Information, there is always some risk that an unauthorized third party may find a way around our security systems or that transmissions of your information over the Internet may be intercepted. By utilizing our site and providing information, including Personal Information, you understand that there are security and privacy limitations of the Internet which are beyond our control; that we cannot provide a 100% guarantee of the security, integrity, and privacy of any and all information and data exchanged between you and us through the Site and Services; and you assume such risk in utilizing this site.

Yellowbrick.me will not disclose Personal Information to third parties, except when one of the following conditions is met:

  • We have your permission to make the disclosure;
  • The disclosure is to financial service providers in order to fulfill and carry out the purchase and provision of goods and services requested by you;
  • The disclosure is permitted by relevant law;
  • The disclosure is reasonably related to the sale or other disposition of all or part of our business or assets;
  • The disclosure is for our own marketing purposes, or, with your authorization, for the marketing purposes of third parties;
  • The disclosure is in our sole discretion necessary for the establishment or maintenance of legal claims or legal compliance, to satisfy any law, regulation, subpoena or government request, or in connection with litigation;
  • The disclosure is in our sole discretion about users who we believe are engaged in illegal activities or are otherwise in violation of our User Agreement, even without a subpoena, warrant or court order; or
  • In response to a validly issued subpoena, court order or other legitimate government and/or law enforcement request. In the event such a request is made, we will make every effort, if possible and/or if time allows, to notify you of the request.

Bricks Policy
Effective May 1st, 2015

“Bricks” are the internal currency that may be used within the Yellowbrick.me community and purchased through Yellowbrick.me (the “Site”). Bricks are not actual currency and are not intended to be traded or utilized outside the Yellowbrick.me community. Bricks are intended to only have the value ascribed to them here. Yellowbrick.me makes no representation as to any value that Bricks may have outside the Site, and outside the scope of these express set forth herein. By accepting our User Agreement, you are accepting the terms of this policy concerning the purchase and use of Bricks, and are confirming your understanding as to the nature of Bricks.

Bricks may be used in a variety of ways on our Site. As you know, through Yellowbrick.me, you can help fund researchers, donate directly to non-profits, and support fellow users. It is through the use of Bricks that you can provide this help and support. With Bricks, users can:

1) Help fund the goals of a partner Non-Profit

2) Help fund the financial needs of a community researcher

3) Help fund the growth of new site functionality and/or site operating costs

4) Pay it forward to other users for good citizenship, appreciated content, or other acts deemed Brick worthy.

Generally, users may obtain Bricks in three ways. First, users can securely purchase Bricks for use on the Site through Yellowbrick.me here. Second, users can securely transfer Bricks to other users (including researchers and non-profits that utilize Yellowbrick.me). Finally, from time to time, Yellowbrick.me, in its sole and absolute discretion, may reward users with Bricks for their power usage, help in moderating the site, contributing valued content, general good citizenship, or other acts deemed Brick worthy by Yellowbrick.me. Any Bricks that are rewarded to users are not considered as compensation for any services rendered.

Bricks are valued at $.10 per brick and must be purchased in bundles of at least 10 Bricks. In connection with any purchase of Bricks, one (1) brick per ten (10) purchased will automatically be deducted as an administration fee.

Of course you are always welcome to make a direct donation to any non-profit organization or researcher outside of the Site. However, using Yellowbrick.me has the following benefits:

1) How does the nonprofit community benefit? Yellowbrick.me “crowdsources” donations. This means that thousands of small donations from many different people are pooled together into a single large gift. Researchers and nonprofits benefit because they avoid paying separate credit card transaction fees across numerous donations. Instead, Yellowbrick.me mails a single paper check, which can be cashed for free. Nonprofits also save on administrative costs since there is no need to produce and mail thousands of tax statements, which can run $3 per donor. While the donor does not receive a tax benefit, the nonprofit’s savings are significant.

2) How does the research community benefit? Any researcher will tell you that the current funding climate looks gloomy. Applying for grants is extremely complex and time consuming, and existing funding opportunities are quickly drying up. Without a track record of prior funding, promising graduate students and junior faculty have virtually no chance of being awarded a grant. Yellowbrick.me provides a solution to this problem through the transfer of Bricks. You now have the ability to directly help researchers that share your interests, passions, and social concerns.

3) How does the Yellowbrick.me community benefit? As a social enterprise, Yellowbrick.me uses business and commercial strategies to improve human wellbeing. We believe that the Site provides many valuable, much needed resources to the international community – and we hope you agree. By purchasing Bricks, you are directly supporting the growth and development of the Yellowbrick.me vision since a portion of your purchase funds everyday operating costs such as legal fees, marketing efforts, and website development.

4) How do you benefit? Yellowbrick.me’s crowdsourced philanthropy model allows you to expand your influence and help a larger number of recipients. In the traditional model, the average person is typically only able to help one or two causes at any given time (e.g., $10 per month to Organization A and another $10 to Organization B). Yellowbrick.me allows you to split your gift into smaller chunks that you can easily distribute across numerous recipients. That same $20 per month could be used to help a hundred nonprofits rather than just two. Such a small gift may not seem like much. But when millions of people come together to support a common cause, amazing things can happen.

Bricks may be redeemed for Cash by sending a request to [email protected]. The request must originate from the email address currently associated with your Yellowbrick.me account. The request should include your full name and the number of Bricks you would like to redeem. There is a minimum of 200 Bricks per redemption request. After verification, we will send a payment to your email address via PayPal within five (5) business days. If a PayPal transaction fee applies, we will deduct this amount from your account before initiating the payment.

Per the User Agreement, if any of the terms and rules of Yellowbrick.me are violated, you understand that it can result in the suspension and/or termination of your account, which may result in the forfeiture of any Bricks.

In the event that a user’s account becomes inactive for a period of six (6) months, the user understands and agrees that any Bricks left in the account will be forfeited.

If we make changes to this agreement that materially affect your rights, we will provide notice and keep this edition available as an archive on the Yellowbrick.me website.