Yellowbrick helps organizations identify their purpose, beliefs, values, and principles.
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We are living in an increasingly interdependent world…

At Yellowbrick, we believe that individuals, groups, and organizations achieve greater productivity and satisfaction when they make clear and conscious decisions about their PurposeBeliefsValues,and Principles.

Our mission is to help you:

  • identify your Purpose, Beliefs, Values, and Principles; and
  • based on these core values, develop concrete strategies to operate more productively and with greater satisfaction.

Yellowbrick’s breakthrough research has shown that individuals, groups, and organizations act on:

  • WHO we are;
  • WHY we believe that we matter in the world; and
  • HOW our attitudes and behaviors affect us and those around us.

Meeting Your Needs, Addressing Your Issues. It’s as simple as ABCD.

Yellowbrick has created tools to help develop, grow, and maintain your Organizational Culture so you and your team can succeed. Yellowbrick’s evidence-based methodology improves your Organizational Culture by refining and aligning your shared Purpose, Beliefs, Values, and Principles. At the foundation of our unique approach is the ABCD process. This is based on our research showing that the “secret of success” for individuals and groups comprises four key components: Attitudes, Behaviors, Connections, and Deeds.



The first step is to understand the attitudes held by members within your group. We will conduct a thorough assessment of the people that make up your organization and help identify WHO they are and WHY it matters to them to be part of the group. We will identify favorable (and unfavorable) attitudes and determine how these attitudes add to (or detract from) the success of your organization. Do members see themselves as having a common purpose?



Next, we evaluate individual behaviors to understand HOW they create what the organization looks like to insiders and outsiders alike. Given the nature of your organization, how should your organization and its members behave – toward each other and the outside community? How do we measure whether they’re doing that? What is the quality of alignment between the WHO and the WHY of the organization? What behaviors most clearly add to (or detract from) this alignment?



Third, we look at HOW people work together in your group or organization. Does the Organizational Culture encourage them to help and support each other? Do their shared Purpose, Beliefs, Values, and Principles help them be more effective? Does this effectiveness manifest itself in meaningful results and outcomes? Do the group’s formal and informal connections add to (or detract from) the WHO, WHY, and HOW?



Finally, we examine the deeds and actions of the organization itself. HOW does the organization act in ways that are reflective of the core Purpose, Beliefs, Values, and Principles that define its culture? To what extent do these deeds align with the organization’s WHO, WHY, and HOW? What “Good Deeds” do members most identify with and feel most proud of? Do members act on them in an ongoing, regular way?

Meet the Yellowbrick team…

Matt Connell, EdD, MBA
Matt Connell, EdD, MBACo-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Matt is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Goodwin College and currently serves as the program director. He earned a bachelor’s in Business from Evergreen State College, a master’s in Special Education from St. Joseph College, a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Hartford, and an MBA from the University of Connecticut. His doctoral studies focused on Group Emotional Intelligence and its effect on organizations.
John Christensen, PhD
John Christensen, PhDCo-founder & Chief Research Officer
John is an Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Connecticut. He earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California, with a focus on Social Psychology. John completed a pre-doctoral fellowship with the American Psychological Association and a post-doctoral fellowship with the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication. His research focuses on the psychology of social change.
Terrence Simon, PhD
Terrence Simon, PhDExecutive Leadership
Terrence is an Assistant Professor at Goodwin College in the Business Administration program. He earned a bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of Guyana, a master’s in Education from Walden University, and a doctorate in Organization & Management from Capella University. He also completed a post-master’s certificate in Education from Capella University and a post-doctoral certificate in Management & Finance from Walden University.
Alan Kramer, MSEd
Alan Kramer, MSEdExecutive Leadership
Alan is the Emeritus Dean of Magnet Schools at Goodwin College. He earned his BA in History from Trinity College and MSEd in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. His professional experience includes serving as an Alternative High School Director in Philadelphia, Director of Gifted Education in Israel, Arts Magnet School Principal in Waterbury and Consultant for School Improvement at the Connecticut State Department of Education.

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