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Yellowbrick helps individuals and groups learn to communicate with meaning and purpose through the FACE method. FACE (future, awareness, compassion, empowerment) provides the framework people need to orient themselves towards the future, creating an understanding of where they want to be and where they are now. Yellowbrick’s extensive research conclusively shows that individuals that understand and incorporate FACE into their communication and approach are invested in their future and become a positive force within their families, social groups, and professional groups.

Within a corporate setting, Yellowbrick’s trainings increase employee retention, increase group cohesion and cooperation, and help employers understand exactly what support their teams need to exceed expectations. In treatment or incarceration settings, Yellowbrick’s trainings help reduce recidivism and re-use.


This means having your own future goals in mind as you communicate. But it also means trying to consider what the other person wants their future to be like. When people take the time to understand each others’ future goals, they are more likely to have a mutually beneficial interaction that is free from conflict.


This means being aware of yourself, being aware of the other person, and being aware of the implicit biases everyone brings to the table. Successful communication is more likely to be achieved if all parties check their assumptions, judgments, biases, and egos at the door.


This means remaining calm, warm, and empathetic when interacting with others. Responding to others with kindness and understanding is the simplest way to overcome the biases that hold us all back.


This means communicating in a way that lifts both you and the other party up. Successful communication is achieved when both parties feel good about themselves and how they communicated — even if disagreement remains or if someone didn’t get exactly what they wanted in the end.

Yellowbrick can provide FACE © training to all members within your organization, including leadership. This includes activities, tools, and resources customized to your specific needs. Our data-driven method allows you to track enhanced communication, improved culture, and increased productivity over time.

To experience the benefits of FACE © for yourself, contact us today at: [email protected]

We have helped people worldwide. Our research-based approach is easily customized to any group or organization.

Meet the Yellowbrick team…

Matt Connell, EdD, MBA
Matt Connell, EdD, MBACo-founder & Chief Executive Officer
Matt is an Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Goodwin College and currently serves as the program director. He earned a bachelor’s in Business from Evergreen State College, a master’s in Special Education from St. Joseph College, a doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Hartford, and an MBA from the University of Connecticut. His doctoral studies focused on Group Emotional Intelligence and its effect on organizations.
John Christensen, PhD
John Christensen, PhDCo-founder & Chief Research Officer
John is an Associate Professor of Communication at the University of Connecticut. He earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California, with a focus on Social Psychology. John completed a pre-doctoral fellowship with the American Psychological Association and a post-doctoral fellowship with the University of Pennsylvania’s Annenberg School for Communication. His research focuses on communication technology and social change.
Terrence Simon, PhD
Terrence Simon, PhDExecutive Leadership
Terrence is an Assistant Professor at Goodwin College in the Business Administration program. He earned a bachelor’s in Business Management from the University of Guyana, a master’s in Education from Walden University, and a doctorate in Organization & Management from Capella University. He also completed a post-master’s certificate in Education from Capella University and a post-doctoral certificate in Management & Finance from Walden University.